Open Source stuff for divers !

And as Open as possible Hardware solutions...

We are Divers AND Free Software Experts :-)

This is the reason why we would like to use only opensource software and we want to build opensource and "as open as possible" hardware for divers gas mixes tools ...

Open Ideas

We have some ideas and we want to change the world with all of makers community.

Low cost and Repairable

Users can build their own gasblender device and repair it when needed.

Public and Open

Everything we do is published under GNU/GPL (for source code) or CC-BY-SA (for other)...

Some of Our Main projects


Nitrox Analyser

Trimix Analyser (project)

Join us and support our crowdfunding campaign

We need your help to build our stuff and release electronic parts for Nitrox Analyser and TriMix Analyser ...