Free software as GNU/GPL !

Here is free software we made or on wich we participate ... please have a look on dates: we are making free software from long time and this project is not an other "greenwashing" thing to take your money.


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rEvoCheck is a sort of electronical assistant for first times you have to check your rEvo rebreather ... checklist with video support is fun and efficient. For the moment this app is only french speaking.

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MVPlan (Java software for computers)

MVPlan is an old free software : Version 1.0 was published by Guy Witting 26-May-2005 !!!! And in 2018 he put se source code on github ( and add in readme "this software is no longer being maintained." ... But during 2011-2013 an other developper "firegnom" works on it and publish on his github ( ... so we try to give a future to this long story with setting up website and a new git repository !

MVPlan for android (unstable)

During mvplan archives research we found that firegnome made "aScuba" a version of mvplan for android devices ... what a gool idea, this is our base of "mvplanphone" project :

Nitrox Analyser for Arduino

Join us and support our crowdfunding campaign

We need your help to build our stuff and release electronic parts for Nitrox Analyser and TriMix Analyser ...