Nitrox analyser

Most important thing you have to know about our Nitrox Analyser ...

The most important thing you have to know is that we are divers and we don't want to use a black box made by a company. Whe want to UNDERSTAND the system and we want to be able to OPEN and AUDIT it. We can't trust something not transparent, that's all !

Open source and Open hardware are essential to establish our trust relation. For hardware everything is not as open as whe would like ... but we do our maximum to use as open as possible hardware.

There is a lot of divers who made "do it youself" nitrox analiser, for example:

A do-it-yourself Nitrox Analyser

Here is the list of furniture you need to set up your free Nitrox Analyzer:

A ready to use PCB from


Fritzing file is available here

A ready to print 3D case from

Please download and print parts from or (old project)

STL files and FreeCAD source file are here :

Our first "daily used" prototype

This one is in action since 2018 ! Not very sexy but "it works" !

Prototype Prototype Prototype Prototype Prototype Prototype Prototype Prototype Prototype

Here is our first prototype with a do it yourself PCB :-)

Easy to find component

We would like to be able to build a Nitrox analyser where whe are around the world. So we choose to reuse some available products such as o2 cells from CCR rebreathers and others easy to find parts.

Free software

All of software we wrote is under GNU/GPL licence and All of software we use is free software too (for example Fritzing to make PCB parts). Source code for Arduino is build with Arduino kit.


Please take cheap parts if you don't want to put a lot of money in your Nitrox Analyser ! For example if your CCR uses Molex connector for O2 Cells you just have to use the right cable and if you need an other sort of adapter you can do it if nobody did it before.

Do it yourself

Follow the documentation and learn how to build your own Nitrox Analyser ! What could be more interresting ? By doing your own analyser you learn the concept and understand what it does.

Repair by yourself

Something get wrong ? open it and repair it by yourself ! All of our products are designed to be self-repairable by users !

Reuse and don't trash CCR Parts

Our Nitrox analyser uses CCR Parts: 9v battery and O2 Cells. Not enought power for your CCR ? but sure enougth for Nitrox Analyser. O2 Not enought good for 1.6 ppo2 ? but goot enought for Nitrox less than 50% ...

Pricing table (if crowdfunding complete)

Thanks Man !
Self print your 3D Case
Download available STL files from Thingiverse
Choose the color you want (depends on your stock)
If you don't have a 3D printer find a fablab near you
Just send us 1€ for a (small) coffee :-)
Only PCB Card
GasBlender Nitrox PCB
Full documentation
You need to solder the components by yourself
This is the minimal kit, thanks for your support
Have the pleasure to build your own nitrox analyser !
Full Do It Yourself kit
GasBlender Nitrox PCB
Arduino nano pre flashed with our opensource software
ADS115, oled screen, Molex connector, power switch
Note: there is no O2 Sensor in this package
You just have to follow our guide and solder the components
Premium - Ready to use
Ready to use analyser for O2 mix < 50%
GasBlender Nitrox PCB, O2 Sensor, ads 1115 and oled screen
Arduino nano flashed ... Press power button and have fun
BUT PLEASE DON'T BUY THAT ! This is not our mission
Build your own by yourself, that's the reason of the price :)

Join us and support our crowdfunding campaign

We need your help to build our stuff and release electronic parts for Nitrox Analyser and TriMix Analyser ...